March 12, 2015

3 Most Memorable Baseball Bloopers

With so many games every single year in baseball, there are bound to be a few memorable moments that cause a lot of people to laugh. These bloopers live on in video clips and in stories told by those who were there. It is hard to narrow down all the bloopers to just 3, but here are some of the most
memorable of all time.

Randy Johnson Hits A Bird

This is technically considered a blooper, but it is probably the most impressive feat you will see under that label. It is also the only blooper to cause a death, as the bird would not survive a fastball from the future Hall of Famer. Not only is it extremely unlikely for a bird to be in the path of a pitch
at just the right time, but to do so against one of the hardest throwing pitchers in the game makes this an iconic blooper in baseball history.

Jose Canseco’s Header

These days, Jose Canseco is known for all of his performance-enhancing drugs that he injected in his body. However, early on in his career, he was known as one of the most talented all-around players in the game. He was also known for taking a baseball off the head in the outfield, allowing it to bounce over the fence for home run. He was in a terrible outfielder, but when this is the only play people remember you making, you aren't exactly going to get a very good reputation. Even if he was a standout in fantasy baseball leagues, he won’t be able to live this down.

Manny Ramirez, The Cut Off Man

Realistically, Ramirez could have a blooper reel to himself. However, one of the most puzzling things he ever did on a baseball field is when he decided to become a cutoff man despite the fact that he was playing left field at the time.

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