June 25, 2013

Top 5 Funniest American Football Bloopers

Sport is a very serious business. From soccer to baseball, rugby to gymnastics, the athletes that play professional sport live and breathe their profession, and winning or losing is equated to life or death. The hours of training, the sacrifices and the endless will to win mean that sport is quite rightly viewed as a serious pastime. However, despite the intensity and seriousness of professional sport, sometimes things happen and you can't help but crack up with laughter. The odds of some of these unexpected things happening with Betfair are long, and as such when something has us in stitches we should embrace it. Here are the top five funniest moments in American Football - enjoy!


DeSean Jackson shows that celebrating too early is not wise. The now-Philadelphia Eagles man is a touchdown specialist, but he doesn't look like it in this clip. Leaving the ball behind, Jackson is in danger of being subject to a transfer if he ever repeats this blooper.


Football is a physical sport, and as such most quarterbacks try to avoid contact. Not Sage Rosenfels. In this amusing clip, Rosenfels opts for the unconventional helicopter technique rather than the safe, but boring, slide. With disastrous consequences.


Sometimes the unexpected and unexplained happens. Professional athletes are human just like the rest of us, and they prove it in the next clip. Whether it is a dropped ball, slip or terrible pass, it is all cringe-worthy stuff, and all you can do is laugh. Unless it is your team making the mistakes.


Everyone loves celebrating success, but no sport has quite as elaborate celebrations as American Football. This clip shows Kelly Washington bust a few moves after a top touchdown.


When it comes to American Football, maybe the craziest part of all is the fans! This over zealous fan was banned for life after rushing onto the field.

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