June 27, 2013

Brek Shea Instagram Fail

"Murica giveth, and ‘Murica taketh away."
Stoke City player Brek Shea is skating on thin ice after posting this excessively patriotic picture on his instagram account. He quickly deleted it but the damage had already been done. World Sport Bloopers are betting that he doesn't last long in England. We're sure Unibet would have odds on this!  You can take Shea out of Texas, but you can't take Texas out of Shea! Brek hasn't had much of an impact so far on the English Premier League. He has been out of action due to injury and even if he does come back, it'll be tough to make it into the lineup.

Shea has already been in trouble with Stoke City after pulling a prank where he wore a pig's head in the locker room. Potters’ boss Tony Pulis demanded answers from midfielder Glenn Whelan and striker Kenwyne Jones after the pranks went a little too far at the club’s Clayton Wood training ground. Whelan was accused of leaving a pig’s head among Jones’s clothes in his locker after the forward had changed for training. It turned out by be the American prankster who was behind it.

Shea had worked hard to get back into the good books of Stoke City fans but that all changed with one Instagram photo.The 23-year-old winger unintentionally jumped into the gun debate by publishing a picture of himself brandishing two shotguns. Shea's stars and stripes wife beater outfit only added to the gun-loving image that Brits, and most of the world, have of America. Shea immediately regretted posting the picture and deleted it less than an hour later, followed by a message on Twitter apologizing to "all who were offended by it."

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