December 27, 2012

The Best Casino Scenes

Playing casino games, whether in the brick and mortar, online or mobile casinos, is never boring. This is only one of the many reasons casinos are quite addictive. Here are a few of the hilarious moments in the world of gambling caught on tape:

Rob drops his box

This is a video of an online roulette site where the dealer drops his box. Whether it is the box for the wireless microphone or the remote control for the scrolling winner results, it does not matter. What’s funny is that the dealer kept reading the results (doing his job) while he picked up the box and all the scattered parts and put them back together all at the same time. This video blooper is a tremendous show of talent and expertise. Simply, hilarious!

Chris gets physical

Chris, a roulette croupier, shows his many faces, mostly funny in this blooper reel. One shows him putting a stress reduction kit, a piece of paper with instructions, on the wall. He reads the guide, follows it and finds out the hard way that it really is not that effective. Another clip shows him reiterating, with such seriousness, the policy that players must be at least 18 years of age to join the game. On the next clip, Chris asks a female guest/assistant if she likes 6 inches. The girl is stunned speechless and seems to have assumed what he was referring to. She giggles but then the dealer says he meant their difference in waist size.
Live dealer sneeze

This is a surprising clip of a croupier who just could not hold back her sneeze. The video begins with the spinning roulette and the ball lands on a number. A second later we hear a loud sneeze and the camera switches screen to the dealer and the resulting winners. It becomes obvious who the sneezer is, you can tell from her voice. She even saw a ‘bless you’ on the teleprompter. That is when the girl starts poking fun at herself in many ways like saying even the blackjack girl in the other set must have heard her too. It’s a cute and funny video of a dealer handling a blooper in style.
There are plenty more videos like these on the Internet and it’s so easy to search for them. The point here is that the world of casinos, mobile casino, online casino, or real physical casino, they all have the same characteristics: entertaining, exciting and funny too. If you want to know more about casino, you can enter new mobile casinos and play with your mobile.

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