February 17, 2012

The Funniest Poker Commercials

Poker has become popular over the last few years and plenty of online poker sites have released a lot of hilarious commercials, often aired during poker events such as ESPN's coverage of the World Series of Poker. Poker is a great source for humor, as it is always great to see people make fun of stereotypes – super-serious poker players wearing sunglasses, and players with cold blank expressionless poker faces. Strip Poker is also a pretty good theme for funny commercials, as you will see in some of the commercials listed on this post.

Popular sites like PartyPoker and Full Tilt Poker have released a number of commercials for TV that appeal to both would-be poker players and poker afficionados alike in a creative and funny way. Some of these poker commercials star professional poker players like Erik Seidel, Juan Juanda, and even the notoriously media-shy Phil Ivey. Here are some of the funniest poker commercials from all over the world:

When to Use Your Poker Face

Here's a really funny commercial from the poker site 777.com on how you apply your poker face in everyday activities.

Poker Can Be Addictive

Poker is a lot of fun and some guys gets a little addicted to it. Here's a guy who is really into poker.

PartyPoker Poker Around the World

Anyone who has played poker can definitely sympathize with this commercial, which humorously and elegantly sums up the poker experience for many in just 17 seconds:

Banned Centrum Strip Poker Commercial

It's a shame that this hilarious commercial never made it to television due to subject content. It's one of the few commercials that embraced poker in our culture.

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