November 27, 2011

Why is Gary Neville on SKY Sports?

Watching the Liverpool-v-Manchester City game today, the half-time debate revolved around Gary Neville and his position as a pundit on SKY Sports' Super Sunday. As a player who openly hated Liverpool Football Club, we all asked the question, "Why is Gary Neville involved at Liverpool games?"

The conversation then continued and the question was asked, "Why is Gary Neville on SKY Sports at all?" At least with Andy Gray and Richard Keys, they had a genuine chemistry and passion for the game. With Gary Neville, you cannot understand what the mumbling Manc is saying and when you can make out a few words, his views are so anti-Scouse, it makes you sick to watch.

We could talk all day about why on earth during the worst recession in British history, he is on a salary of £250,000 but we thought this photo says it all:

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