September 10, 2011

5 Cesc Fabregas Hair Styles

1). The 'Pat Sharp'
The name originates from the 80s mullet donning childrens' game show host, Pat Sharp - see below: 

2). The 'First Disco'
Inspired by the moment boys are introduced to hair gel for the first time. Here Cesc experiements with about 3 bottles of the stuff:

3). The 'Bruno'
Sacha Baron Cohen has given the world comical characters like Ali G and Borat. This hair style is inspired by his Kazakhstani creation, Bruno (notice the strikingly similar limp wrists):

4). The 'Inbetweener'
Named for two reasons. One, because he looks like he could have starred in The Inbetweeners (see below) and two, because it looks like he couldn't decide how to style his hair so sort of settled for something and nothing.

5). The Parisian
So called because here Cesc looks like a resident of Paris, France. It is difficult to establish what the French arrogance is founded on but it is the one trait they are never short of. You can imagine Cesc trying out 'The Parisian' having played a French team in the Champions League and thinking, "I could pull that off." World Sport Bloopers would beg to differ but loves the fact that Cesc did this so we could write this article!!

"Look at ze way I 'old my cigarette in my mouse, ze way I stroke my 'air and ze way zis l'eau de toilette makes me smell..." - Your average Parisian

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