July 23, 2011

Best of Wazza's Wig

Wayne Rooney, star of English Premier League side Manchester United has a receding hairline. @WazzasWig on twitter have spotted this and turned it into a comedy stream. Described as the 'comical follicle that should have been on Elton John's head', here are the top 10 tweets from this month:

"Boom! There it is Col's snoring now and Wazza's about to @MCHammer the 900 channels! #Babestation"

"@patsharp Itching to drop "Let's All Chant" but due to the restraining order given to him by the Barbados Police he's unable to do so!"

"Sir Fergie asking where Giggsy is? He was last seen asking the Virgin check in girls if they have to be Virgins to work for the company..?"

"Wazza unsteady on his feet & the hats just dropped off #erica revealing a shinney helmet! Auntie Mildred is screaming like a banshee! #Eck"

"Live PA now... Sonia singing "You'll Never Stop Me From Loving You" Wazza's had one too many Kestrels and thinks it's Mick Hucknall!"

"Kai is hoping those Mumford & Sons don't turn up again! He's got 6 litres of his piss stored up in buckets back at the tent just in case!"

"Good Morning, nothing like the smell of stale goats slash to start your day is there? Wazza best hurry up and wake up, give us a wash! #piss"

"Wazza & #GaryTheGoat still in the sauna sweating like a bag of chips and comparing hocks! (remember what a hock is u dirty minded follicles)"

"Wazza just been woken up by a tremendous throbbing below the sheets... reminds him of the time when he "accidentally" fell on that hoover..."

"Carnage in the airport.. Wazza getting chased Benny Hill style round the baggage carousel, by 2 cops, 3 security & 8 sniffer dogs.. #scatter"

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