July 30, 2011

Babe of the Week No.1

Safiyya Patel is our first Babe of the Week for being an influential member of the World Sport Bloopers community and for looking great in a football shirt!

We had the pleasure of interviewing her recently:
What is your favourite sport?
I love all sport and could easily out talk to any dude about any sport, golf included :)
However my favourite would have to be a tie between Football (soccer) and F1

Favourite team?
Ye ol' Newton Heath - Manchester United, have been for 20 years will be for the next 20
PSL team (South African League) Orlando Pirates
F1 - Scuderia Ferrari

Favourite Sporting Moments?
- Tshabalala's opening goal at the 2010 World Cup opening game against Mexico. As a South African the emotion was just overwhleming
- Then of course, 1999, me in the fetal position in a room full of Spurs fans, the score 1-0 to Bayern Munich, 90 minutes already played at the Camp Nou. Beckham swings in the corner, Schmiechel misses the ball, Dwight Yorke knocks it back in, Giggs hits a weak snap shot but oh Saviour Sheringham sent it to the bottom corner of the net. We all know what happened next, thanks to the 'Baby-Faced Assassin'. There are no words to describe what I felt after that. I had a smile for an entire year :)

Favourite Bloopers?
- Not sure if it's a blooper but Zidane's head butt in the 2006 final against Italy. It was weird watching because it was Zidane, the 'King of Cool' losing his cool.
- Anything that Howard Webb does is a blooper for me too ;)
- Referee's taking a tumble every now and then - mainly because they're supposed to be invincible (Piere Luigi Colina style)
- A couple F1 bloopers: Fisichella going into the Renault pit lane forgetting he moved to race for Jordan & Jean Alesi running out of fuel after being told a million times to stop for fuel. Juan Pablo Montoya! Full Stop.

Here are some more photos of Safiyya in action:

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